HOPPE has more than 2,600 employees and is a globally active group based in Switzerland. With its seven production plants in Europe and the United States, along with worldwide distribution, the company is one of the leading hardware producers in the world.

HOPPE produces door and window handles.

Products are produced using several BOM levels while also considering finite capacity constraints. Contributing considerably to the scheduling complexity is the fact that some products are produced across a number of countries and production facilities.

The main challenges when implementing Microsoft Dynamics Ax was the lack of sophisticated and reliable handling of intercompany demand when running the intercompany MRP in Microsoft Dynamics Ax.

HOPPE decided to switch their primary scheduling platform to New MRP after having experienced a number of problems with the standard intercompany master scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics Ax.

Today, HOPPE uses New MRP to ensure a full overview of the demand situation in all companies.